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Our Mission & Vision

Nationally, only nine percent of ninth graders in low-income communities are expected to graduate from college by age 25. These numbers stand in stark contrast to rates for students in America who grow up in the top income quartile: 82 percent of these ninth graders are expected to graduate from college. OneGoal is a rapidly expanding movement dedicated to systemically changing this reality in Chicago, Houston, New York and beyond. As the nation's only teacher-led college persistence organization, we identify, train and support our nation's most effective teachers to lead underperforming high school students to reach their full potential and graduate from college.  

OneGoal Leadership Principles

There are five leadership principles that guide our work in classrooms. These leadership principles include ambition, integrity, professionalism, resilience and resourcefulness.

OneGoal Core Values

There are five core values that guide our work as a team. We are mission-driven and disciplined in thought and action. We also operate in relentless pursuit of excellence, with an eye on collective responsibility and sustainable success. Please review our Core Values to learn more. 

"I am completely convinced that OneGoal's work is transforming education, leading to the day when all high school students who recognize the life changing value of a college degree are able to acquire that degree. By putting students onto paths full of options and opportunity, OneGoal permanently transforms lives and brightens futures."

- Darrell Williams
Chairman, OneGoal Board of Directors - Chicago


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