Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

OneGoal strives to create a more equitable and prosperous nation by closing the college divide. To that end, OneGoal strives to build a diverse and inclusive organization that models and contributes to the vision it hopes to achieve.

The Commitment

OneGoal is committed to building a movement and organization that seeks and embraces diversity and fosters an environment of inclusion and cultural competency (see our definition below). Our commitment stems from an unwavering belief that differences in perspectives, experiences, and identities ultimately lead to stronger teams and better organizational performance. We value diversity across multiple dimensions, including but not limited to race, ethnicity, socio-economic background, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, gender, disability status, and age.

Consistent with our commitment to diversity, we strive to create and maintain an organization that is radically inclusive of individuals who share the racial, socioeconomic, and collegiate backgrounds of our student population. We have seen how teachers, staff, and board members who, for example, are from historically underrepresented backgrounds or were first-generation college students can have a profound additional impact on the postsecondary and long-term success of our students.

Our Commitment in Action

We bring this commitment to life at OneGoal by being responsive to the communities we serve and by adopting these strategies:

  • Vision setting. We embed diversity and inclusion into our vision-setting and strategic planning processes to ensure our commitment is infused into our core business functions and long-term strategy.
  • Recruitment. We recruit and enlist diverse talent to join our teaching force, staff, and boards. We think of diversity across multiple dimensions with an additional focus on groups that share the backgrounds of our student population.
  • Cultural Competence. We invest in building greater cultural competence and responsiveness across our team to support ongoing reflection, learning, and positive actions that contribute to an inclusive movement and institution.
  • Leadership Development. We build the talent systems to develop high-potential individuals and teams at every level of the organization that are both diverse and culturally competent. We seek parity across levels and teams to ensure that our commitment to diversity is shared throughout all aspects of our institution—from classrooms to boardrooms.
  • Continuous Reflection and Assessment. We regularly assess and reflect on our progress against our commitment to diversity and inclusion, and identify ways to increase our effectiveness in diversity and inclusion.

Cultural Competency at OneGoal

Cultural competency is a lifelong process of building the knowledge, mindsets, and skills necessary to engage fully and effectively with our students, colleagues, and stakeholders of different backgrounds. This process requires us to deeply understand our nation’s heritage of injustice and the inseparable link to the persistent college divide in America. Our cultural competency is strengthened by better understanding our own implicit and explicit biases and by reflecting on our words and actions through open dialogue. Culturally competent teams understand complex cultural histories, confront assumptions and biases, and take action to ensure fairness inside and outside of OneGoal.