Growth & Expansion

Growth & Expansion

OneGoal was founded in 2007 and we began ‘Phase I' of growth by serving 30 students at three Chicago high schools. OneGoal grew rapidly, and by the 2011-2012 school year - the final year of Phase I - OneGoal served nearly 1,000 students in 20 non-selective Chicago schools.

Total revenue grew from $10,000 in 2007 to $1.5 million in FY12. The cost per student also fell by nearly 75 percent, early proof that OneGoal is not only a high-impact program for students, but also a scalable solution to the college persistence challenges we face nationally.

Starting in 2012, OneGoal began expansion into a targeted group of new regions, starting with Houston, Texas. We have started to apply our learnings as a Chicago-based start-up and implement our model in other cities to empower students in high-need districts across the country. ‘Phase II' of OneGoal operations will include the 2012-2013 through 2016-2017 school years.

Throughout Phase II, OneGoal will continue to hone a delivery model that enables us to replicate effectively. Relying on our Phase II Strategic Plan, OneGoal will recruit and support teams in 3-5 regions - measuring impact, learning from challenges and leveraging best practices. During this time, we aim to boost our impact exponentially by serving more students and deepening our understanding of the key program elements that drive social impact.

To download the two-page executive summary of our Phase II Strategic Plan please click here

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