OneGoal Results


Our Success

OneGoal puts our fellows on the path to success.  In a nation where only 9% of students from low-income communities will graduate from college, OneGoal Fellows are simply changing this reality. 

Our Reach

OneGoal is a growing movement.  By the 2016-2017 academic school year, we will impact 9,000 students across 5 regions in 190 high schools nationwide. 

External Evaluation

A rigorous evaluation completed by researchers at the University of Chicago demonstrates that OneGoal has a statistically significant impact on students’ life and postsecondary outcomes, increasing college enrollment and persistence rates by 10-20 percentage points.  Of the interventions targeting adolescents that have undergone rigorous evaluation, OneGoal is one of the few that has resulted in statistically significant positive impact


Learn more about the results of the external evaluation 
here or download the evalution highlights 

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