Our Model

The Nation's Only Teacher-Led College Persistence Model

OneGoal implements a results-driven model that shows that with the support of a strong college persistence program and a dedicated teacher, students can dramatically improve their academic performance and become competitive - and successful - college students. To date, 87 percent of OneGoal's high school graduates have enrolled in college, and of those who enroll, 83 percent are persisting in college or have graduated with a college degree. Further, as OneGoal grows, our student outcomes continue to increase while our cost per student has decreased each year - by nearly 75 percent in Phase I of our operations - early proof that OneGoal is not only a high-impact program for kids, but also a scalable solution to the college persistence challenges we face nationally.

The OneGoal model includes a detailed, 1,500-page curriculum, which empowers teachers to lead a cohort of OneGoal Fellows through our three-year program. This includes a college prep, credit-bearing, in-school course for the last two years of high school, as we well as guided, remote support during freshman year of college.

Our one goal for our Fellows is college graduation. Our Fellows enter OneGoal as underperforming students who exhibit great potential, but whose average academic performance doesn't exceed the average academic performance of their schools. Led by exceptional teachers, called Program Directors, Fellows make transformational academic gains throughout the OneGoal program - which spans junior and senior year of high school and freshman year of college - to enroll in and persist toward graduation at match colleges. Three main components of our work lead to transformational outcomes with students and differentiate our model: 

  1. We recruit, support and guide effective teachers - they are excellent classroom teachers and the foundation of our high school partnerships and work in schools. 
  2. We teach non-cognitive skills within the context of a rigorous college prep curriculum, delivered by Program Directors to high school juniors and seniors, during a daily, in-school, credit-bearing course. 
  3. We bridge the gap between high school and college, supporting OneGoal Fellows during their first year in college. Our targeted college partnerships also help ensure their long-term, continued success. 


"With direction and support from OneGoal, we have been able to create a school-wide model in which we support all of our students to enroll in and graduate from college."

- Mrs. Stephanie Y. Moore
Principal, Uplift Community High School, Chicago Public Schools



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