Teachers Changing Lives

Excellent teachers who fiercely believe in their students are the key to our success. OneGoal Program Directors are masters of their craft. They may love grammar, social studies, and geometry, but their day-to-day motivation is knowing their work helps students fulfill their college dreams.

See Potential

You see it daily—your students, their potential. Yet, statistics tell us that only 22% of students from low-income communities will graduate from college.


Our Program Directors have a profound impact on their students’ lives by forming supportive and trusting relationships while teaching a rigorous college access and success curriculum through a daily in-school model that produces real outcomes.

Life-Changing Impact

Today, 82% of OneGoal high school graduates are enrolled in college and 78% of OneGoal Fellows are persisting or have graduated with a college degree.





Emely, a OneGoal-Houston Year One Fellow from James Madison High School, shares how her Program Director, Maxwell Akuamoah-Boateng, is positively impacting her plans beyond high school. Mr. A is just one example of the critical role that influencers play in the lives of young people and inspires us to be relentless in our support of our Fellows’ journeys to college graduation.


“My Fellows learned a ton of lessons in college, but what I find most inspiring is how they uncovered their essence and bloomed into their best selves. That’s what motivates me and why I believe every student deserves this opportunity.”

Bridgette Davis
Former OneGoal Program Director
Ph.D. Candidate, University of Chicago


“I have one particular student who is extremely smart, but doesn’t want his peers to know he is smart. I am excited about helping him embrace the fact that he has so many opportunities available to him.”

Jessica Covington-Leake
Program Director, OneGoal – Chicago
Social Entrepreneurship Teacher
Prospectives High School of Technology


“I could not do any of this work without my OneGoal Director of Teacher Support, Katie. She’s been critical in my students’ successes. She has gone above and beyond to reach out, make personal connections, and really impact all of our lives.”

Paloma Garner
Program Director, OneGoal – Houston
College Access Coordinator
Davis High School


“I hope that all my Fellows go to college, persist and graduate from college. I hope that they continue to strive to reach their goals even after they graduate. I hope that they see themselves for the wonderful people that they are, and become the best version of themselves. I hope they are as proud of themselves—of their growth and resilience—as I am.”

Sassa Tselengidis
Program Director, OneGoal – Massachusetts
ESL and ELA Teacher
Community Academy of Science and Health