At the heart of the OneGoal movement is the belief that great teachers can transform the schools in which they work, and dramatically increase college persistence rates for their students if they receive the resources, structure and support they deserve. OneGoal offers this leadership and support, and paves the way for America's best teachers to create positive, results-oriented, college-bound cultures within their schools. This inspiring shift in culture starts at the grassroots level and often occurs despite the profound and complex challenges that exist in some of our nation's toughest neighborhoods.

OneGoal teachers champion the first part of our two-part Theory of Change: they transform high schools. With a keen focus on improving student performance and academic outcomes, OneGoal Program Directors lead students to graduate from college at radically higher rates than their peers. They bring our model to life by bridging the gap between high school and college and investing high school leaders in the long-term success of their graduates.

Leading a OneGoal cohort is an outstanding, highly collaborative professional development opportunity for teachers looking to grow and refine their leadership skills. The three-year commitment with OneGoal enables exceptional teachers to invest long-term in the lives of students and to maximize their impact - in and outside the four walls of the classroom. OneGoal is a growing national movement - driven by and for teachers - that is poised to change the way we prepare our students for success in college and beyond.

Change is possible. We see it every day in our work, and it starts with our teachers. Please consider bringing OneGoal to your school by nominating an exceptional teacher or applying to become a OneGoal Program Director.

"OneGoal has been a valuable partner for our school community. It has proven to be a supportive structure in which to engage students in preparing for college and realizing their dreams."

- Elizabeth Dozier, Principal
Fenger High School

Thank you to our media partner, Chicago Tribune, for helping us spread the word to educators across Chicago about the opportunity to lead OneGoal at their high schools.

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