Statement on Racist Bomb Threats Against HBCUs

By OneGoal
February 4, 2022

Chicago, IL (Feb. 3, 2022) – Just two days into Black History Month, a wave of bomb threats targeted historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs), causing widespread temporary lockdowns, campus closures, fear, and anxiety among these mostly Black student bodies. These acts of cowardice pose a direct challenge to OneGoal’s core belief that every student deserves to equitably pursue their postsecondary aspirations in safe, identity-affirming environments, without the threat of harm or intimidation.


The threats affected students in at least 19 seminal HBCUs in the US, including schools where OneGoal Fellows and alumni attend. OneGoal stands in solidarity with Black students and these historically Black institutions and will continue to work alongside our school partners, teachers, and communities, to offer students the support they need to realize their dreams in the face of malicious acts of division.