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Showing Up for Communities Amid COVID-19

By Melissa Connelly
March 24, 2020

To our OneGoal supporters,

I want to reach out to you with a note of gratitude, especially as you are also confronting this COVID-19 crisis with your families and organizations. We’re deeply moved by the words of support and offers to help that we’ve received from so many of you as we navigate these unprecedented times.

Underserved communities are often the hardest hit during moments like these, and we are seeing that reality come to pass today. Public schools and postsecondary institutions in all six of our regions have taken emergency action, including shutting their doors, moving to e-learning and closing student housing. As a result of these school closures, many of our students and their families are having to push pause on their academic dreams as they are forced to put immediate concerns first: access to healthcare and reliable food sources, financial obligations, and access to technology to support e-learning.

At OneGoal, we are doing our best to support our staff, PDs, and Fellows. Public health is a shared responsibility, so we are closely monitoring the pandemic on a daily basis and recognize COVID-19 is impacting communities differently. Our regional teams are working diligently to ensure we continue to offer support, tailoring our programming for Fellows based on local contexts.

Now, more than ever, we are grateful to have you as a part of our community. In the weeks ahead, we welcome your strategic advice, continued advocacy, and financial support as we move through this together in support of our students.

We will keep you informed about how we’re navigating this rapidly evolving situation, as well as the ways we can continue to partner in support of students across the country. We are grateful to all of you who share our commitment to students and have invested in their future.

In community,

Melissa Connelly
CEO of OneGoal