Uniting Together

Against COVID-19

The coronavirus outbreak has led to unprecedented challenges for students, teachers, and entire communities. Schools have closed. Plans have been delayed. Once certain futures and paths are now being questioned. Supporting Fellows and Program Directors is more important than ever.

Across the country, our staff is pivoting, innovating and adapting to ensure we can continue to show deep care for Fellows as individuals while helping them navigate difficult times and make critical decisions that will help shape their futures.

Challenges +

Our Responses


School Closings

School closings meant Program Directors lost the class time + space to connect with Fellows on a daily basis.

Our Response

We’ve made critical pivots to our program delivery, moving our curriculum online and prioritizing 1:1 virtual advising. This overhaul allows Program Directors to continue reaching their Fellows now and in the new school year, if necessary.


Shifting Needs

With added stress and confusion to lives, the new needs of Fellows greatly outweigh what our Program Directors alone can support.

Our Response

In addition to providing more 1:1 support, we’ve turned our focus to Fellows’ highest priorities: securing financial aid, enrolling in college, and returning to school in the fall. We’ve also increased emergency funding available for Fellows directly impacted by the pandemic.


Funding Gap

We typically raise funds to deliver our program through Galas and events. With all our events cancelled, we face a gap in our funding.

Our Response

We’ve launched the Forward Together campaign to rally the OneGoal community around pitching in to support our Fellows so that they don’t have to press pause on their dreams due to COVID-19.
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with OneGoal


Graduating seniors: Solidifying your plans for next year? Use our College Enrollement Guide to help you decide what is the best next step for you.
College Enrollment Guide →
All Fellows: We are here for you. We’ve compiled resources to ensure nothing stands in your way of your dreams.
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Program Directors

We specifically held you in mind when we made the decision to shift our priorities to focus on mastering remote learning within all sorts of different contexts. So whether your school is closed or you’re transitioning your lesson plans, we are here to partner with you so you don’t go at it alone.

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Whether it’s interrogating what it would mean to attend college next year or navigating employment in this uncertain economy, Fellows are turning to us. To provide them with the support they deserve now and in the next school year, we need your help.

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Mental Health


Our model is built on the premise of acknowledging and meeting Fellows where they are. As more Fellows are coming to OneGoal harboring pain as a result of the state of the world, we are listening and reacting to their direct needs alongside their Program Directors and schools to connect them their the resources they need for their physical and mental health.

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