Enrollment Grant

Fellows, Apply Today!

Need money for books, school fees or other college and postsecondary program expenses? Fellows from the Class of 2022 and earlier could be eligible for the OneGoal Enrollment Grant, which covers eligible financial expenses toward enrollment in college or other postsecondary programs.

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Qualified Expenses:

  • Tuition and fees
  • School registration deposit
  • Requesting your high school or community college transcripts
  • Health insurance / immunization for school
  • Requesting your AP scores for schools
  • Orientation fees
  • On and off-campus student housing
  • Commuter fees (ex: public transportation + parking*)
  • School meal plans
  • Childcare expenses (ex: licensed childcare facilities)
  • Required technology (ex: laptop**)
  • School supplies (ex: books)
  • Specialized clothing (ex: uniforms, scrubs, or business attire)

*The purchase of a vehicle or gas are not included
**OneGoal will either provide a laptop or purchase from a list of approved laptops
OneGoal – Chicago Fellows should refer to this list for additional qualified expenses

Unqualified Expenses:

This Enrollment Grant is not a substitute for or equivalent to financial aid provided by colleges or other programs. Find additional financial resources here.

  • Groceries and food delivery outside of school meal plans (ex: Instacart, DoorDash, etc.)
  • Purchasing a car
  • Paying for fees that are not associated with enrolling or persisting in an approved postsecondary program

Who is Eligible?

  • Must be a current high school senior enrolled in the OneGoal program or have completed the program as part of the Class of 2022 or earlier
  • Must submit the Enrollment Grant application by September 30, 2022. Fellows from the Bay Area and Chicago are able to apply year-round.

That’s it. Really!

How Do I Apply?

Complete the OneGoal Enrollment Grant Application. Fellows should expect a response from OneGoal updating them on the status of their application within 3-5 business days, and no later than two weeks. If approved, Fellows may need to provide additional documentation for OneGoal to make direct payments to a business or institution on their behalf. Fellows cannot be reimbursed for payments they already made before submitting their application.

Enrollment Grant FAQs

How much money can I apply for?


This number will vary by OneGoal region. Our aim is to remove some financial obstacles to your enrollment in college or other postsecondary program, but this grant is not a substitute for or equivalent to financial aid provided by colleges or other programs.

What if I’m part of the Class of 2023?


This grant is not currently available to the Class of 2023. The Enrollment Grant will be available to this class upon their graduation next year.

If I’ve received an Enrollment Grant from OneGoal in the past, can I apply again?


If a Fellow has received an Enrollment Grant for a previous semester or year, they may apply again.

If a Fellow received an Enrollment Grant for this current window (April-September 2022), they may not apply again if they’ve received the maximum grant offered in their region. If they have not, they may apply again up to the amount that is left.

An applicant learns they can request up to $750 from the Enrollment Grant. In April, they submit the grant application for $100, to cover books + school supplies. In June, they submit a new grant application for $650, to cover enrollment fees. This individual has reached their $750 request maximum for this window and can no longer apply for another Enrollment Grant until the next application window opens.

What is the deadline to apply for the Enrollment Grant?


This application window will close September 30, 2022 at midnight EST. Fellows from the Bay Area and Chicago are able to apply year-round.

I’m a Chicago Fellow/Alum. Where can I find information about funding for me?


OneGoal Fellows and Alumni from Chicago can find funding opportunities at summerhub.org/onegoal.


Reach out to your Program Director to learn more about the Enrollment Grant or complete the form below to be connected with a OneGoal staff member about this opportunity.

Additional Financial Resources

This Enrollment Grant is not a substitute for or equivalent to financial aid. Fellows should work with their Program Director (OneGoal teacher) and/or a OneGoal staff member, and with their postsecondary institution to ensure they have the best possible financial aid package. Below are additional resources to help finance your postsecondary program.

Connect with your PD

Get direct support + resources for your specific need

Scholarship America

Lists available scholarships that can help offset tuition and other costs.
Link →

Find Help

Find and connect with local, free and reduced-cost social services.
Link →