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In times like these, underserved communities are often hit hardest and we are seeing that reality today. In response to COVID-19, our schools and postsecondary campuses have shut their doors since mid-March, with the future of reopening pushed to the next school year. As a result of these closures, many students and their families are having to press pause on their academic dreams as they are forced to put immediate concerns first, such as accessing healthcare and reliable food sources, meeting financial obligations, and adopting technology to support e-learning.

At OneGoal, we are working to best support our students and teachers. And we need your help to continue meeting Fellow needs.


Fellow's Needs

In support of students and communities we serve, we’ve pivoted our programming to better address the most critical needs during these new challenges while continuing to drive toward our vision of closing the degree divide in Houston. We’re focusing on:

Prioritizing Enrollment

We’ve reconfigured our curriculum to be accessible online. Additionally, we’re offering postsecondary counseling through virtual office hours, live webinars and videos to all 2,400 Fellows and their families. Through these platforms we offer guidance on topics¬† such as understanding financial aid packages and college enrollment requirements for new students.

Supporting Persistence

For Fellows already enrolled in a postsecondary institution, we’re helping them understand their new landscape and how it has impacted their financial aid rewards, enrollment requirements, and ability to return to campus. We offer this 1:1 support to provide customized support in adapting to online classes, rethinking their degree plan, and staying on track to reach graduation.

Reinforcing Partnerships

We’re collaborating with school leaders across five districts to determine how to uniquely serve their students. Through these partnerships, we continue to coach and support 60 OneGoal teachers as their classes transition into remote, e-learning environments. We also continue securing current and new school partnerships and hope to serve 3,000 Fellows in the fall.

“This pandemic makes me feel very anxious. I’m also very worried about my academic goals and not being able to improve my GPA/SAT scores as much as I would have liked. My OneGoal teacher has been encouraging me and guiding me in using any free time I have wisely. I have been filling out scholarship applications as much as possible. Hopefully this will all be over soon.”

Joyce Vargas
Year 1 Fellow
Northside High School



As we continue to navigate this landscape, we need your help more than ever. Please donate today and ensure students have access to the resources needed to enroll in and graduate from a postsecondary institution. Your gift will go to the continued support of our students and teachers who are impacted by the COVID-19 crisis.


Ways to Give

If you prefer to send us a check, we accept donations at our address:

Attn: Melissa Balderas
P.O. Box 734137
Chicago, IL 60673-4137

For information on contributions through securities, matching gifts, or in-kind donations, please contact us at houston@onegoalgraduation.org.

Your support is changing the trajectory for students all across Houston. Thank you.