Accessing OneGoal

Anytime, Anywhere

We’ve made the OneGoal classroom accessible to Fellows wherever they are: in person, remote at home, and on their phone. This student-driven learning incorporates a mix of diverse activities with differentiated support from their Program Director where Fellows build a peer community by collaborating through our engaging and user-friendly platform.

What Fellows

Can Expect

Dynamic Learning Activities

Activities will contain a mix of reading, watching videos, participating in interactive activities, providing personal reflections, sharing with peers and getting feedback directly from their Program Director.

Encouraging Community

Fellows learn virtually alongside the same group of classmates during the three-year program. These cohorts provide a network of peer support Fellows can lean on throughout their postsecondary journey and beyond.

Consistent Personalized Support

Program Directors build relationships and provide personalized supports for Fellows aligned to their unique aspirations and informed by their individual strengths, needs and progress.

Track Your Progress

Fellows can now access our program anywhere and set their own pace regardless of whether their school is using an in-person, remote or hybrid model.

What Schools

Can Expect

Our program remains low cost while our model transitions online, allowing increased flexibility for students and schools.

Program Directors receive the training, coaching, and assistance they need to teach the OneGoal curriculum and drive student success.

The curriculum contains a mix of fully developed lessons and buildable content, equipping educators with a strong baseline and reducing time spent on content creation.

The online program provides teachers with robust, real-time data on student progress, allowing teachers to understand where to target their supports.