Putting the

Fellows First

Our model succeeds because of its emphasis on equipping classrooms with lessons relevant to students’ lives and building relationships that will continue long after the program ends.

Culturally Relevant Content + Experience

Fellows engage with a rigorous, culturally relevant curriculum and teaching practices that affirm their identities while they pursue their postsecondary education.

Supportive Student Cohorts

Fellows are grouped into cohorts of students who grow to support and lean on each other over the course of the three-year program.

Teacher-Student Relationship

Fellows are guided through the program by a school-based educator who supports their long-term ambitions and all the day-to-day tasks required to achieve them.

Our Approach to the

Classroom Experience

The curriculum, training and resources that comprises the OneGoal model are continuously reviewed to ensure they’re keeping up with educational research and best practices, as well as utilizing the data and feedback from more than a decade of students and teachers implementing OneGoal in their classrooms. Highlights of the model include:

Support in the Postsecondary Process

Alongside helping Fellows figure out what they want to pursue after high school, our model focuses on ensuring Fellows will be able to compete for spots in institutions best aligned to their dreams and needs through intentional focus on GPA growth, test preparation and personal statements.

Pillars of Fellow Success

We have done extensive research to identify a set of social emotional domains that are most critical to success in college and beyond, called the Pillars of Fellow Success. Opportunities to grow and develop in the Pillars of Fellow Success are interwoven throughout OneGoal’s curriculum as Fellows take concrete steps towards researching, applying to, enrolling, and persisting in their postsecondary journeys.

Culturally Relevant Pedagogy

No two students learn the same way. Our curriculum was built around Culturally Relevant Pedagogy, a framework focusing on social justice, equity, and multicultural education. Through this lens and through dedicated professional development of our Program Directors, our curriculum is flexible to each individual classroom while ensuring that the OneGoal experiences and learnings are universal nationwide.

Customized Data Infrastructure

With the foundation of what classroom and student success looks like through Culturally Relevant Pedagogy and the Pillars of Fellow Success, we developed the technology and platforms to provide teachers and students with real-time feedback on their progress towards their goals.

High-Quality College Options

We work closely with postsecondary institutions committed to supporting students of color and first-generation college students, and institutions that have higher-than-average completion rates. Together, we provide cohesive student support, collaborate on new innovations, and develop retention strategies.

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