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What is OneGoal?

OneGoal is a three-year program that  works to ensure students can successfully enroll and graduate from college. We believe all students should have a real chance to earn their college degree, not just those at the very top of their class or with the most resources. In joining OneGoal, your student will have a team of other students and a teacher who meet every day as a class during their junior and senior years. Together, they will work to build skills, explore their educational options, and enroll in college. The team’s support continues through the first year of college to make sure students have the resources and support needed to graduate.  Learn more about our model 


Where does OneGoal operate?

OneGoal is in 160 schools in the Bay AreaChicago, Houston, Massachusetts, Metro Atlanta, and New York. To see if OneGoal is in your student’s school, visit one of our regional pages and check our map.


What is the commitment?

OneGoal families and students commit to three years of participation in the program. Throughout those three years, one Program Director or PD (a teacher from the student’s school) will support a group of Fellows.  Since OneGoal is a graded, credit-bearing class while students are in high school, OneGoal Fellows are accountable for the work they do. There is no cost to participate.


How long is the program?

OneGoal is a program – and a class – that begins in Fellows’ junior year of high school (Year 1). Year 2 corresponds to Fellows’ senior year of high school, and Year 3 corresponds to Fellows’ first year of college.


What about the cost of college?

OneGoal Program Directors and staff work with families to help Fellows secure the financial aid they need to make college as affordable as possible.

To reduce the cost of college for parents/guardians by maximizing opportunities for financial aid, parents/guardians should be prepared to share financial information (for example: tax documents) with Fellows’ Program Directors at the end of Year 1 of the Program. Program Directors will share information about the financial aid process with you throughout the first two years of the program, and parents will be invited to attend informational sessions on financial aid and have access to their students’ Program Directors in order to ask questions.


What supports can I expect from OneGoal?

You can expect support from OneGoal in helping your student improve his/her GPA and test scores, in selecting the right college for your student, in securing as much financial aid as possible to reduce the cost of college for you, and in supporting your student when s/he encounters challenges on the way to college graduation.


Will I have access to OneGoal’s staff?

Yes! OneGoal Directors of Teacher Support (DTSs) work directly with Fellows and PDs in classrooms on a regular basis; through those avenues, parents can connect with staff to share communication and receive support. 


How does OneGoal pick colleges?

OneGoal helps students find the right college for them using a few different criteria. The first is the idea of match, which means having your student get into the most competitive college possible based on his/her GPA and test scores.

OneGoal additionally encourages Fellows to select schools at which they are likely to receive financial aid packages that make attending those schools possible.

OneGoal furthermore partners with colleges in each of our regions (Chicago, Houston, and New York). These partner colleges commit to providing targeted academic and social supports to OneGoal Fellows who are accepted and enroll. See our Partner Colleges. 


What should I expect the relationship with the Program Director to look like?

You can expect that this relationship will be a very close one. Over the course of three years, your student’s Program Director will become a mentor to your student and will be involved in some very personal decisions that must be made when it comes time for your student to apply to and enroll in college. Meet our Program Directors and learn how the work with students. 

You can expect that you and your student’s Program Director will communicate frequently and openly throughout these three years – and potentially beyond! Meet our Fellows and learn in their own words what they think of the OneGoal experience. 


What additional opportunities will this afford my student?

OneGoal Fellows have opportunities to participate in college visits, internships, individualized support with personal statements for college, and on-campus leadership opportunities.