Senior Director of Secondary Partnerships – Chicago

Reports to: Lindsey Nurczyk, Managing Director of Program Foundations

Start date: November 2019

Location: Chicago, IL

Position Filled By: October 2019

About OneGoal


Potential and talent are equally distributed, but opportunity is not. Nearly identical percentages of 10th graders from low- and high-income communities aspire to complete a postsecondary education. Only 22% of students from low-income communities earn a college degree, compared to 67% of their peers from high-income areas. At OneGoal, we believe that all students – not just those with the best grades or the most resources – have the ability and deserve the opportunity to earn a postsecondary degree. What’s more, we have developed a solution that works, and we believe this problem is solvable within our lifetime.

We are looking for individuals who will join OneGoal during this unique window in time:

  • In just 10 years, OneGoal has grown from 32 students in one city to some 13,000 students in six regions.
  • OneGoal’s teacher-led,  in-school, three-year college access and success model is game-changing. While nationwide, only 22% of kids in low-income communities earn a postsecondary degree, 81% of OneGoal Fellows (students) enroll in a postsecondary institution and 86% of those who enroll persist one year later.
  • Over the next five years we have set our sights on unprecedented goals: first to attain a 60% graduation rate among Fellows and to develop new delivery models to dramatically grow our reach.
  • To learn more about our work within the Chicago region in particular, please visit our website here.

The Person



As OneGoal-Chicago’s Senior Director of Secondary Partnerships, you are primarily responsible for leading and managing the Secondary Partnerships team to achieve strong outcomes.  You will set vision and direction and manage team execution in order to successfully onboard and support our school partners and teachers to deeply understand the OneGoal program and to set the Chicago region up to meet scale, persistence and organizational health goals over the next 2-3 years while proactively and reactively addressing threats to partnership health. 


You will:

  • Manage a team of four Directors of Secondary Partnerships to ensure your staff is supported to thrive in their roles and that annual goals are met
  • Build context and clarity for your team through alignment with and influence of district and other Chicago-based external stakeholders in service of Program Directors (PDs) and Fellows
  • Set short- and long-term strategy that balances regional and organizational growth and scale needs with school- and district-level priorities
  • Attract, engage, retain, and develop exceptional diverse talent and, using a compelling vision and strong management, drive team to achieve strong outcomes
  • Serve as a regional leader that effectively builds strong relationships with key stakeholders and influences others to achieve outcomes across all levels of the organization.


Though the Senior Director of Secondary Partnerships is likely to see himself/herself/themselves in the following examples, these are not requirements. These examples are designed to help you determine if this opportunity aligns with your own passion and purpose.   


You empower others to achieve results, and are an exceptional communicator. 

  • You believe in creating road maps that set people up to be successful in this work.  
  • You are committed to ensuring that all team members are invested in reaching our targets.
  • You are direct, timely and clear with your direction, guidance and support, which enables team members to know what is expected of them to deliver results. 


You are self-aware and take personal responsibility for your  actions and your team’s outcomes.  

  • You are a reflective practitioner.   
  • You take responsibility for setbacks and opportunities for growth.  
  • You seek feedback to uncover your blind spots in order to grow in your practice.  


You are a systems level thinker, and believe using the data you have in front of you will lead to more strategic decisions. 

  • You are able to communicate “the big picture” in an inspiring way while determining opportunities and threats through comprehensive analysis of current and future trends and you use that information to actively solve problems.
  • You know that at any given moment, you could make a myriad of decisions on what actions to take next, but you also know that data should inform you of  the path with the greatest opportunity.
  • You are flexible and nimble enough to pivot when necessary and thrive in a fast changing environment. 
  • You have the ability to differentiate between many data-driven partnership and support options, and to move forward with only the options that will ensure strong partnerships with school leaders.


You excitedly identify and confront challenges and opportunities. You see what’s possible.

  • You see challenges as opportunities to take your critical thinking skills and impact to the next level.  
  • You operate with a strong sense of personal responsibility when it comes to solving challenges. 
  • Strong contingency-planning and problem-solving excite you, and working to streamline and improve systems gives you energy.
  • You are driven both by data and experience, recognizing that decision-making and strategy require evidence as well as a drive to dream big.


You value working collaboratively and innovatively, and have a passion for building and sustaining critical relationships. 

  • You know when and how to engage key stakeholders that have the insight and positional authority to help you and others overcome obstacles and seize viable beneficial opportunities in a timely way. 
  • You do not operate as a blind executor of pre-existing practices; instead, you thoughtfully evaluate and identify ways to elevate our impact.



  • Bachelor’s Degree (Required)
  • Deep familiarity with Chicago secondary landscape (Strongly Preferred)
  • 1-2 years of adult management experience (Preferred)
  • Local travel required

Our Team


Guided by a clear set of core values and beliefs, you will join an impressive group of more than 150 OneGoal staff across the country who believe in the untapped potential within students. The OneGoal team challenges themselves and others to regularly ask, “Is there a better way?”


The Tangible Good


We offer a competitive compensation and benefits package* which includes medical, dental, vision, short-term disability, life insurance, retirement matching, paid parental leave, and more. We also offer a generous paid time off policy, including 20 paid vacation days, 13 holidays and 6 wellness days.

*OneGoal reserves the right to change benefits at anytime according to business need.  


You Believe in People and are Committed to Equity and Inclusion.


You believe in an inclusive and culturally competent society and the essence of our commitment to diversity and inclusion. We believe that in order to create the change we seek, each person we hire brings a remarkable and diverse set of experiences, skills and characteristics that individually and collectively, will contribute to the radical change needed to move us towards a more equitable and just nation.


Throw Your Hat In The Ring


Apply by following the link below to submit an online application, which includes attaching an updated resume and cover letter explaining your passion and alignment to this position.

OneGoal is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment because of race, color, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin, disability, age, marital status, military status, pregnancy, or parenthood.