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OneGoal’s largest class heads to college

Some 1,400 students from Chicago, Houston and New York are redefining what  it means to be college material

CHICAGO, June 14, 2017 – OneGoal, a national enterprise working to close the college degree divide between students from low-income communities and their peers from high-income areas, today recognized its largest class – some 1,400 high school seniors – as they graduate from high school and prepare to enroll in college. There are currently some 9,300 Fellows (students) in the midst of the three-year OneGoal program.

“We are incredibly proud of all our Fellows and teachers who have worked relentlessly to reach this important milestone and remain focused on their college graduation goals,” shared Jeff Nelson, Co-Founder and CEO of OneGoal. “Their determination fuels our commitment to continuously improve our support and to grow to reach more students both in our current regions and in new communities so that we can close the college degree divide within our lifetime.”


OneGoal Fellows at a Glance
OneGoal prioritizes students who demonstrate potential and commitment to postsecondary education, but whose college prospects would be limited due to socioeconomic and academic barriers:

  • OneGoal Fellows come from 180 non-selective high schools in low-income areas of Chicago, Houston, Massachusetts, Metro Atlanta and New York.
  • OneGoal Fellows average a 2.7 GPA upon entering the program.
  • OneGoal Fellows have an average 15 ACT and 876 SAT upon entering the program.


OneGoal High School Seniors’ Milestones
There are approximately 1,400 OneGoal high school seniors in Chicago, Houston and New York:

  • 93% of OneGoal Fellows have been accepted to college.
  • Four out of five OneGoal Fellows will be the first from their family to attend college.
  • OneGoal Fellows received 6,300 college acceptances, or an average of four per student.

The summer can be a particularly challenging time for Fellows and other students from low-income communities: they continue to work toward their college goals but do so outside of a supportive, daily school environment. Part of what distinguishes OneGoal is its focus on bridging this gap from high school to college, and ensuring Fellows have the tools, resources and support they need to persist, even when they aren’t in the classroom. Summer support is critically important as statistics demonstrate that while 87% of 11th graders from low-income communities graduate from high school, only 40% will enroll in college. By comparison, historically 82% of OneGoal high school graduates enrolled in college and 78% are persisting or have graduated with a degree.

OneGoal uniquely focuses on three pivotal years, supporting students from their junior year of high school through their first year of college. The organization collaborates closely with high schools in low-income communities to identify high-performing teachers already working in their buildings. By equipping those teachers with a robust curriculum, training and coaching, and technology to implement its college success model with a group of Fellows, OneGoal works to ensure students build academic and noncognitive skills and mindsets to enroll and persist in college to earn their degree.


About OneGoal
OneGoal makes college graduation a reality for all students. We collaborate closely with public schools in low-income communities, providing teachers with a robust curriculum, technology, training and coaching to implement our three-year model with a group of 25 students (called Fellows) per cohort. Teachers (called Program Directors) support the same group of Fellows beginning in their junior year of high school and bridge the gap through their first year of college. In a nation where only 9% of students from low-income communities graduate from college, 82% of OneGoal high school graduates enroll in college and 78% of them are persisting or have graduated with a college degree. OneGoal works in Chicago, Houston, Massachusetts, Metro Atlanta, New York and is expanding to the Bay Area this year.


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