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While the entire education sector has struggled during the pandemic, one of the most vulnerable groups that suffered catastrophic loss is 15-19 year old students. High schoolers saw major increases in failing grades, dropout rates, and mental health challenges. They face an uncertain future as they embark on their postsecondary journeys, and unlike younger students, they don’t have the luxury of years to catch up. Thanks to the support of ESSER funding, OneGoal can be part of the solution.

OneGoal + Your School's ESSER Plan

Social-Emotional Support

Our core curriculum, training, and coaching resources are grounded in social-emotional learning (SEL), which is a critical element named throughout the ESSER legislation. SEL competencies found throughout our program include: agency, relationship skills, responsible decision-making, and self-awareness.

Equitable Learning

OneGoal has always focused on supporting the postsecondary aspirations of students who are often overlooked. We are well prepared to continue serving these students who need pandemic support the most; our three year program stays with students through their first year of postsecondary to combat summer melt and ensure they successfully transition to college or chosen path.

Combatting Learning Loss

Built to support blended learning, lessons and activities on our online platform are available to students during in-person instruction, from their home computer, and even from mobile devices. This accessibility allows us to meet students where they’re at, combating the learning loss that so many have experienced in the past year.

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