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Enrollment Grant
The purpose of the OneGoal Enrollment Grant is to offset financial barriers to enrollment in college or other postsecondary programs for OneGoal Fellows and Alumni.

The OneGoal Enrollment Grant is not a substitute for or equivalent to financial aid. Fellows should work with their Program Director (OneGoal teacher) and postsecondary institutions to ensure they have the best possible financial aid package. The OneGoal Enrollment Grant is intended to be an additive support for expenses not covered by financial aid. Qualifying expenses, eligibility, and other information about the OneGoal Enrollment Grant is available on our website.

You must submit a request for OneGoal Enrollment Grant Funds and receive approval before purchasing items or making a payment. If you make a payment before approval, you will not be reimbursed.

Getting Started 
Please select your OneGoal region or school/district from the dropdown list and click "Next" to proceed to the application. Do not refresh or hit the back button while transitioning between pages.

If you don't remember what your OneGoal email is, please put N/A. It's okay if you don't remember your password.

You qualify for up to $750.

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