OneGoal + ISBE


The Illinois State Board of Education and OneGoal are collaborating to offer a statewide solution for postsecondary success. Illinois is using $7.5 million in federal funds to bring OneGoal’s strong, equity-focused, postsecondary planning expertise to districts and schools across the state at no cost to partners through summer 2023.

We launched 24 IL district partnerships in 2021 and continue supporting them today. Additionally, we are looking for new districts to engage with our Postsecondary Leadership Network beginning Fall 2022.

Bring OneGoal to Your District

We’re now accepting applications to bring OneGoal’s Postsecondary Leadership Network to your district. We recommend districts use our PDF Application to prepare their materials ahead of applying. The application closes on

August 1, 2022.


Application +

  • OneGoal engages in interest conversations with potential partners
  • Interested districts apply
  • OneGoal reviews applications
  • Application Review meetings scheduled

Application closes: August 1, 2022


Application Review + Partners Announced

  • Application Review meetings held with interested districts
  • OneGoal and districts discuss partner expectations, time commitments
  • Districts confirm partnership leadership team
  • District-level MoUs are signed
  • Partners Announced


  • Partnership Launch meetings held with each district to discuss shared vision and hopes for partnership
  • Rubric assessment training with key stakeholders is scheduled
  • Monthly coaching sessions begin
  • First postsecondary school improvement collaborative session is held
  • District level goal-setting conversations

What Our Districts Say

With OneGoal’s program, we can see our students’ progression after they leave high school. I love numbers and data, and we’re gathering information to help drive our instruction. The timing of this partnership is perfect, because the vision-setting work puts our district in a forward-thinking position as we head into the summer.”

Nicole Webb
Instructional Coach
Cahokia High School

ISBE sponsoring the opportunity to partner with OneGoal, coupled with the timing of our new vision and roadmap for the district, made a timely match. OneGoal’s curriculum and student achievement goals align well with our roadmap and their outside perspective and validation have been great assets. Our partnership has given us tools to approach and solve some of our difficult challenges.

Mike Treece
Director of Curriculum
Dupo CUSD 196

The most helpful parts of working together with OneGoal is having dedicated time to analyze data and their thought leadership in helping us understand how we can support our students to strive towards graduation and career advancement and take advantage of opportunities at both Harlem and beyond.

Jacob Hubert
Director of Secondary Education
Harlem SD 122


How does this fit into my district’s strategic plan?


We are not here to create new work for you. Rather, our team helps leaders organize, strengthen and create coherence across their existing postsecondary readiness work. Our coaching team of former school and district leaders has sat in your seat and know how to provide thought partnership and collaboration to help focus and elevate your work.

How long will ISBE fund a partnership between OneGoal and my district?


This opportunity provides funding for districts to participate in OneGoal’s Postsecondary Leadership Network through summer 2023. From there, OneGoal will partner with you to help identify funding sources, including Title 1 and Title 2 budgets and local philanthropy.

Is my district obligated to pay any costs after the 2022-23 school year?


Absolutely not. Our Postsecondary Leadership Network is designed as a cumulative, three -year partnership. It provides deepened support year after year and offers additional opportunities, like the adoption of our Classroom-Based Model. However, there are no requirements past the 2022-23 school year and it is up to each district to choose how they would like to build the partnership.

To address funding barriers, OneGoal is working with ISBE to identify additional funding for districts interested in continuing the partnership for the 2023-24 school year. Additionally, we have applied to IL-Empower as an Approved Learning Partner. We also help partners locate funding streams within their Title 1 and Title 2 budgets that may support a sustained partnership.

What district and school level roles are typically a part of this work?


Typically, we work with principals, assistant principals, counselors and district level leaders such as Assistant Superintendents, Executive Directors/Directors of Secondary or Student Services.

What are the time commitments?


We generally ask teams for a commitment of approximately four hours per month to meet with our coaching team and another 2-3 hours every other month to participate in our cross-district communities of practice spaces. Zoom fatigue is real and so our team is committed to showing up in person to ~50% of touchpoints.

Tell me more about the data included in this partnership.


Our collaboration with ISBE grants us access to National Student Clearinghouse data. At the start of a district partnership, leaders receive a unique, district-specific dashboard displaying insights about the postsecondary stories of their graduates. This data explores questions like:

  • How many alumni are enrolled in an out-of-state institution vs. in-state?
  • Which institutions are they attending?
  • Are there trends that correlate student demographics with the postsecondary path they pursue?
  • What percentage of my students are persisting one-year after enrollment?

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