Chicago PD Cohort/Personal Funds Application

This application can be used for: 

Personal PD reimbursements (ex. parking for OneGoal events)
 PD Cohort Funds (PD requesting reimbursement or request OneGoal make the purchase)

Note for PD Cohort Funds for Fellows:

As a reminder you can use your cohort funds for: program incentives (ex. fellow care package), gift cards, food requests, or bus requests.

Please note the following requirements related to this: Each PD gets $50 to use towards each cohort.  If the request is over $50 or if you have already used your $50 budget, you will need approval from OneGoal.

After you submit this application: If your request warrants more information, you will get a calendly invite in the next 3-5 business days.  If it does not require more information, you can expect to hear from a OneGoal staff member in 3-5 business days about the status of your request.

Some but not all of our PDs teach more than one section of OneGoal per year and that is why we ask this question.

Select all that apply

Note: The request must be approved by OneGoal if over $50 in order to reimburse purchases.

Note: OneGoal HIGHLY recommends a direct deposit. Direct deposits take about 2 weeks. Checks could take up to 6 weeks.

Program Incentive Example: fellow care package (Y3)..... Other (Personal PD Reimbursement) Example: parking for OneGoal event

If this is not your first request, you will need to wait to be approved.

Please give us at least 5 business days.

Check out this resource that lists local/POC-owned restaurants/catering.

This must be one of the people running the event.