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We created the Postsecondary Leadership Network to directly + indirectly influence the advising experience for young people across entire school systems to achieve impact at scale. Today we’re partnering with 45+ districts, surpassing our goal to partner with 40 districts by 2025.

“Most high-paying jobs require some postsecondary education, whether a degree or other credential. For too long in postsecondary success, we have seen opportunity gaps by race and family income—unacceptable gaps that the pandemic has only made worse. Partnering with OneGoal is a critical step to close opportunity gaps and equitably support college and career success for all our students across the state.”

Dr. Carmen I. Ayala

Illinois State Superintendent of Education

Our District Partners



Brimfield CUSD 309
Cahokia Public School District 187 Inc.
Canton Union School District 66
Champaign Unit 4 School District
Dupo CUSD 196
East St. Louis School District 189
Frankfort CUSD 168
Freeport School District 145
Harlem School District 122
Joliet Township High School District 204
Kankakee School District 111
Marissa CUSD 40
North Mac CUSD 34
Peoria School District 150
Proviso Township High School District 209
Rich Township High School District 227
Rochester CUSD 3A
School District U-46
Round Lake Schools CUSD 116
Sparta CUSD 140
Staunton Community Unit School District 6
Taylorville CUSD 3
Vienna High School District 133
Waukegan Community Unit School District 60

New York


NYC District #32

A Day in the Life

District leaders participating in our Postsecondary Leadership Network are working with OneGoal coaches to build the capacity of their educators and provide robust one-on-one advising to students.

Students at high schools implementing our Classroom-Based Model are developing their personalized postsecondary pathway through our learning platform and with OneGoal Program Directors providing personalized advising.

Site Directors, supported by OneGoal staff, are overseeing all of the Program Directors in their district to ensure the success of OneGoal in the school.

First State-Wide Partnership

The Illinois State Board of Education named OneGoal as the postsecondary partner of choice for districts and schools across the state.

We anticipate working with 30-35 districts through multi-year partnerships to offer professional development services for district and school leaders, and adding our classroom-based model in some districts to reach approximately 55,000 students by fall 2022.

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