OneGoal regularly hosts webinars featuring OneGoal staff members, Fellows and other experts in the education sector sharing their expertise and knowledge.

Past Webinars

How School Leaders Impact Postsecondary Success

School leaders can have a critical impact on students’ postsecondary outcomes. Andrew Schmitz from OneGoal, Dr. Lauren Sartain from the UChicago Consortium, and Narita Graham of Cairo Junior/Senior High School discuss how school leaders can effectively support postsecondary success.

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Turning Data into Action for Postsecondary Success

Educators and school leaders have an opportunity to leverage their data to enhance student success. Co-hosted by Dr. John Boumgarden from OneGoal and Dr. Michael Deuser from Education Strategy Group, this webinar includes experiences from Dr. Matt Nelson of Metro Nashville Public Schools and Ms. Carmen Hawkins of Cahokia Unit School District on how their districts have turned data into actionable insights.

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OneGoal Leadership Network Overview

The OneGoal Leadership Network provides districts with a supportive community of experts and peers working to eliminate equity gaps in postsecondary readiness. Dr. Amanda Ellis of the Kentucky Council for Postsecondary Education (CPE), Dr. Sharon Williams of Proviso D209 in Illinois, Chad Luhman of Danville Independent Schools in Kentucky, and Dr. Michael Allen from OneGoal discuss the experiences of districts that have joined the network and the program’s benefits.

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College is Not the Only Option: Exploring Progressive Pathways

With an increasing number of students not pursuing a traditional 2- and 4-year college degree, there are more students looking for alternative pathways. Progressive Pathways are non-degree programs designed to prepare students for work in industries like healthcare, technology, and construction. Hear from Jacob Caplan, Postsecondary Coach and Teacher at Eric Solorio Academy High School; Nicole Taylor, OneGoal Director of Postsecondary Success; and OneGoal Fellows Dezalis Fierro, Leon Lopez, and Diego Reyes about how educators can support students to define their own future.

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Discover District-Level Postsecondary Solutions

To ensure student success, districts must establish a vision for postsecondary support. When they build a vision for postsecondary support that permeates the entire district — including administrators, school leaders, teachers, community members, students, and more — real impact happens. Learn from Chad Luhman, Head Principal at Danville Independent Schools, Shelby Cameron, Secondary Instructional Specialist at Danville Independent Schools, alongside OneGoal Senior Director of Partnerships + Growth Jeron Schmidt and Postsecondary Leadership Coach Kayla Ritter Rickels about their work to build district-level solutions for postsecondary success.

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Mentorship to Support Postsecondary Success

Building relationships is a key part of closing the degree divide between students from low- and high-income communities. In OneGoal’s classroom-based solution, Program Directors build long-term relationships with Fellows to understand their unique circumstances and explore their long-term ambitions. Learn from former Program Director and current OneGoal staff member Morgan Taylor and alumna Lunessa Charles about their relationship and mentorship experience.

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Four Ways to Support Students to Graduation

Students from low- and high-income communities aspire to earn a degree or equivalent credential at similar rates. However, too many students are left to confront barriers that make it almost impossible to achieve their greatest postsecondary ambitions. This webinar explores OneGoal’s Quality Enrollment Framework, which is used to ensure that we support students in deciding which post-secondary options to consider, where to apply, and where to enroll.

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How Research Demonstrates Impact + Fuels Strategy

Hear how research and data have played a vital role in the systems developed by OneGoal over the past 15 years and continue to inform our strategies to close the degree divide. As part of this webinar, we will share the new, rigorous evaluation conducted by researchers at The University of Chicago investigating OneGoal’s impact on students’ postsecondary outcomes and critical high school milestones.

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The Impact of a Degree

Is college worth it? Studies show that postsecondary degrees are crucial to finding a meaningful and fruitful career. Watch our webinar to hear from OneGoal alumni on how their postsecondary achievements affected their lives, some of the challenges they faced, and what advice they would give other students looking toward their futures.

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What are the Root Causes that Prevent Students from Completing a Degree?

This webinar centers on the year-long qualitative study conducted by OneGoal, where we sought answers to the following questions:

  1. What are the root causes of students stopping out?
  2. Why do students who stop out return to complete their degree/credential?

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