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The Need In The Bay Area

Despite the vast innovation in the Bay Area, not all communities have benefited from the wealth generated by this technology boom. The Bay Area is home to nine counties and high schools in countless school districts – some of which are the most affluent in the nation. Yet only 38% of Black and 27% of Latino adults have attained an associate’s degree or higher compared to 71% of their white peers. This is not for lack of ambition or talent, but for lack of opportunity and support.

“One of the things I value most about teaching is building relationships with my students and helping them see and reach their true potential. OneGoal's mission aligns with mine and provides me with the tools to reach more kids, and hopefully inspire them to come back to their communities to do the same thing.”

Jessica Smith

Program Director
De Anza High School

Stepping Up During COVID-19

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the opportunity gap between students from wealthy and under-resourced communities grew wider as accessibility to alternative options, like distance learning, were out of reach for those without the financial means. To create greater levels of equity in our community, we must address the barriers our students face on their postsecondary journeys and ensure they can apply, enroll, and matriculate to postseconary education.


Postsecondary Journeys

Hear from students Hiromi, Gabriel, and Esther about their postsecondary journey and experience with OneGoal.
Their amazing OneGoal Program Director and teacher Elizabeth Hunter shares how postsecondary planning contributes to closing the degree divide in the Bay Area.

Local Impact

In the Bay, we partner with 5 high schools across 2 districts to integrate postsecondary planning into the school day. OneGoal-Bay Area is coalition-building to grow in the East Bay, expand within Southern Alameda County and into the South Bay, so that we can work towards serving 2,000 students annually by 2025.

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Meet Krismin

“As the first in my family to graduate from college, I know exactly how a degree can change the trajectory of someone’s life. I am honored to work alongside dedicated educators, community leaders and OneGoal champions to make postsecondary success a reality for all students in the Bay Area.”

Krismin Inocentes Bell
Executive Director
OneGoal – Bay Area

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