Bring OneGoal to Your School

We collaborate with high schools that share our commitment to ensuring all students have an equitable opportunity to achieve their highest aspirations. We look for partners who are invested in their students’ success long after they earn their high school diploma. The payoffs of investing in OneGoal are:

Student Success

According to a recent study by UChicago on OneGoal’s impact, our Fellows are 40% more likely to earn a college degree than peers from similar backgrounds.

School Culture

Working with OneGoal means having a partner to develop key components of your school’s postsecondary strategy and craft your school culture around college and career success.

Teacher Development

Through teaching the OneGoal class and attending our free professional development opportunities, your Program Directors become part of your network of postsecondary experts on campus.

Steps For Bringing

OneGoal To Your School

Step One

Connect with OneGoal Staff

Once connected with our partnerships staff, we discuss your school’s context and identify how the OneGoal program can help you achieve your school’s postsecondary goals.

Step Two

Work OneGoal Into Your Budget

OneGoal aims to have high impact while keeping costs low. Together, we’ll explore avenues of cost-sharing between your school, district, or a combination of both to meet your budget requirements.

Step Three

Build Your First OneGoal Cohort

We’ll work together to nominate an excellent teacher to deliver the our curriculum and identify a cohort of students who would most benefit from OneGoal, while addressing scheduling and other conflicts along the way.

Step Four

Grow The Partnership

Throughout our program, administrators have direct access to OneGoal staff to track cohort progress toward milestones, and discuss how to continue growing OneGoal’s presence and impact on your school.

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