Building Strong

School Partnerships

You see your students’ brilliance and also understand the deep systemic barriers that often derail their education. Together, we can ensure your students earn their high school diploma with the certainty that it will not be their last, and with the continued support to realize their highest postsecondary aspirations.

OneGoal partners with schools in the Bay Area, Chicago, Houston, Massachusetts, Metro Atlanta and New York. Ready to nominate a teacher at your school? Fill out a Program Director nomination form and our team will be in touch.

How It Works

Spring before OneGoal Starts

We collaborate directly with school leaders to:

  • Recruit teachers who will facilitate student-led cohorts
  • Select the students that would most benefit from OneGoal
  • Set up the OneGoal class, helping organize logistics such as student, schedules, access to technology, and more

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OneGoal Year 1 + Year 2

As your Fellows take the OneGoal class as juniors and then seniors, OneGoal will:

  • Support Program Directors through one-on-one coaching and professional development
  • Provide differentiated supports for Fellows at critical moments in time including in summer
  • Collect and share data onstudent progress

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OneGoal Year 3

While Fellows are in their first year of college, OneGoal continues to partner with school leaders to:

  • Ensure the Program Director still has a full class period to dedicate to OneGoal Year Three work and
    touch points with students
  • Provide continued opportunities for professional development to Program Directors
  • Provide direct support to students most at risk for not persisting in their postsecondary pathways

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In a OneGoal Community?

Within our current communities, our school partners are critical to our success. If OneGoal is already in your community and you’d like to learn more about becoming a OneGoal Partner school, please write us at info@onegoalgraduation.orgReady to nominate a teacher at your school? Fill out a Program Director nomination form and one of our Directors of School Partnerships will be in touch. 

OneGoal Not in Community?

We know college success, you know your city: working together, we form a powerful combination for systemic change in local markets nationwide. When considering new expansion areas, we look for:

A specific
community need

We evaluate current regional college access and success programs, college enrollment and graduation rates, and data about the higher education landscape.

School + District Profiles

We research the talent pipeline, data access, and principal autonomy in the region.

Partnership Potential

We identify viable community partnerships, financial investment, and the ability of the district to offset costs of the program.

To learn more about what we look for in our regions, or to inquire about bringing OneGoal to your region, please email

“OneGoal is one of the most beneficial partners a high school can have. They have one focus: getting our students into college, making sure once they get there they feel great about where they are, that they are supported, and that they can succeed. As a school principal it’s essential to have a partner that has that one focus and can help us think about it.”

Joshua VanderJagt

Former Principal
Chicago Academy High School