Our Bold Vision

Teachers As Change Agents

Teachers know that their students are capable of great achievement. We find, train, and support excellent teachers already working in low-income public high schools to guide their students to achieve their greatest postsecondary aspirations. These teachers, known as Program Directors, work for three years with conviction, tenacity, and a fierce determination to ensure their students have a real chance at reaching graduation at the end of their college or technical education.

Well, it’s more than a chance. Our efforts are working.

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Provided With Support

Program Directors don’t go at it alone. We walk side by side and equip them with content and technology, train them to coach cohorts of students, known as Fellows, toward postsecondary success. The cohort meets daily during the school week in a credit-bearing course through their junior and senior years. When Fellows enroll in their chosen postsecondary institution, the same Program Director continues to provide intense one-on-one, remote coaching to ensure Fellows persist to graduation.

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Support Student Empowerment

In communities where students typically have a 22% chance of graduating from college, 84% of OneGoal high school graduates enroll in a postsecondary institution and 75% of those persist one year after high school graduation.

This is what is possible when you pair determined students with committed teachers and execute a unique program that’s making a difference in lives.

This is what is possible with OneGoal.

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