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The Statistics

Speak For Themselves

By 2020, 72% of jobs in Massachusetts will require a college degree. Across the state, only 15% of students from households in the lowest economic quartile are projected to graduate from college, compared to 82% of students from households in the highest economic quartile. At the current college attainment rate, we are projected to have 55,000-65,000 fewer bachelors degree holders than jobs requiring that level of education.


OneGoal began operations in Massachusetts in 2015, establishing partnerships, building infrastructures, and recruiting schools and teachers to execute our three-year model. We now partner with 12 high schools in the school districts of Boston, Revere, Fall River, New Bedford and Lawrence, and work with a number of postsecondary institutions in order to bring our scalable, teacher-led and proven model to the communities who need it the most.

Striving For More

Massachusetts Fellow, Celinette, shares about kicking off the journey to college in Year 1 as a high school junior. She attended Lawrence High School and is part of Maureen Santiago’s 2018 cohort. She is planning to study psychology in college.

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Statewide Impact

OneGoal – Massachusetts, currently partners with school districts in Boston, Lawrence, Revere, New Bedford, and Fall River and Match Charter Schools. We will continue expanding within these districts and will also use our innovative multi-cohort approach in single high school districts, strengthening our direct impact in that community.

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Meet Amanda

“As early as 4th grade, decisions were already being made about whether I was college material or not. Doors opened to me wouldn’t be opened to my peers. I work to ensure all students can choose the postsecondary path of their choice – not a path that was chosen for them.”

Amanda Seider
OneGoal – Massachusetts Executive Director

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