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*This information reflects projections for the 2020-2021 school year.

Commitment to Change

In The Nation's Largest School District

In New York City, the disparity in college degree attainment between high-income background students and low-income background students is vast due to systemic injustices and failures. Though high school graduation rates in the city continue to rise, for Black and Hispanic students, the college readiness rates are between 30-40% lower than that of their White counterparts. To date, only 16% of New York City’s ninth graders from low-income backgrounds have obtained an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree six years following high school graduation. These local statistics and current reality fuel our sense of injustice and commitment to change.

“I would recommend OneGoal for the same reasons I chose it in the first place: it builds capacity for postsecondary success using schools' existing resources, leveraging the expertise that already exists in the school community, and supporting and deepening pre-existing relationships between students and staff.”

Erica Doyle

Vanguard High School

Local Impact

In our first five years in New York City, OneGoal has grown from serving 200 Fellows in our first class to more than 1,500 across the three years of our program, plus an additional 466 Alumni. Additionally, our New York Fellows consistently meet or exceed our city-wide enrollment and persistence rates.

Poised for Growth

We started serving students in the fall of 2015 and are growing quickly thanks to our ability to deliver outcomes at an affordable cost. We continue to expand to new high school and postsecondary partners across New York’s five boroughs. Follow the links below to help fuel our expansion.

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Meet Rochelle

“I believe deeply that our program can move the needle in closing the degree divide in the biggest district in the country, serving as a proof point to what’s possible for dismantling educational inequity everywhere.”

Rochelle Sinclair
Executive Director
OneGoal—New York

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