Advancing Early College

Join OneGoal and school teams from across the state to develop your Early College program and increase student success. In this two-day, practitioner-centered experience, your school team will assess your current program, collaborate with experts to identify areas of growth, and chart your path forward to programmatic success.


Massachusetts’ Early College Initiative has the potential to close opportunity gaps for students and support education equity across the state. Robust Early College programs create opportunities for students to earn college credits, explore new pathways, and develop their ability to navigate higher education. While the potential for impact and scale are exciting, the risks are high. For students, a negative experience in Early College courses has implications for a student’s transcript as well as their confidence and sense of belonging in college. For districts, Early College requires significant financial investment and staff capacity to develop partnerships, build out the program, and ensure student access and success. 

With so much at stake, OneGoal Massachusetts has developed a two-day workshop for Early College school teams to get under the hood of their programs by examining strengths, assessing gaps and creating actionable improvement plans. OneGoal has partnered with early college programs across Massachusetts and Houston leading to notable successes in course completion, attendance, and post secondary enrollment rates.  Led by OneGoal Staff who are practiced in supporting Early College programs both in Massachusetts and Texas, school teams will walk away from this experience with concrete and practical strategies, solutions, and timely next steps for improving their programs. 


This practitioner-centered experience is ideal for high school and higher education administrators who are responsible for design and implementation of an Early College program. This includes: 

  • Teams with an established Early College program looking to assess their work and make improvements
  • Teams looking to scale their program or add new pathways/course offerings
  • Teams currently considering/actively applying for Early College designation who want to pressure test their program design and implementation plans


Objectives for participating school teams: 

  • Identify gaps and strengths in their early college program
  • Define their program problem statements and develop solutions/strategies to address them
  • Collaborate with other early college teams, OneGoal, and experts in the field
  • Craft clear next steps for programmatic success

Two-day Experience

Session I: February 10, 2023

Teams will spend the day deeply focused on understanding and awareness. Namely, aligning and examining strengths and gaps in their early college programs. A critical component in this analysis is OneGoal’s Early College Readiness Assessment Tool, which provides a holistic framework for program self-assessment. The Tool is based on practical program elements and is aligned to MA DESE’s early college framework.


Session II: March 3, 2023

Teams will build upon Day 1 by engaging in a full day of generating and evaluating solutions, and prioritizing next steps. Teams will have ample opportunity to leverage the results of their assessment and connect with each other, other teams, and OneGoal to generate multiple solutions and pressure test those ideas to determine which strategies to adopt. They will also walk away with multiple exercises and resources to replicate the experience outside of this space.

Make-up date: March 10, 2023


Daily Schedule:

8:30 – Breakfast

9:00 – 4:30pm Programming, Lunch provided 

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