Postsecondary Success

for Districts

Today, the average high school counselor-to-student ratio is 464:1. This typically translates to only 38 minutes of advising for high school seniors in low-income communities. This is not nearly enough. Now imagine if more students in your district felt affirmed, engaged and supported in reaching their college and career aspirations.

That’s the power of OneGoal’s District Partnership Program.

We collaborate to identify and offer flexible, data-driven and impactful partnership options best suited to your district’s context in order to build the capacity of your educators and provide robust one-on-one advising to students so that more institutions can equitably support their students’ postsecondary aspirations.

A Roadmap to Better


We prioritize coherence and alignment of postsecondary priorities to meet schools’ and districts’ diverse needs to equitably support all students.


We build and implement strong data collection systems that lead to insights to inform the strategies in your district.

Long-Term Impact

We help leaders take stock of barriers and current practices to build a roadmap for strong partnerships between the secondary and postsecondary spaces.

Illinois Act Now

Bring OneGoal to Your District

The Illinois State Board of Education and OneGoal are collaborating to offer a statewide solution for postsecondary success. Illinois is using $7.5 million in federal pandemic relief funds to bring OneGoal to districts and schools across the state at no cost to our inaugural partners for the first two years.

We look forward to working with 30-35 districts beginning in fall 2021 to offer professional development services for district and school leaders, and adding our classroom-based model in some districts to reach approximately 20,000 students by fall 2022.


Application + Selection

  • Interested districts apply
  • OneGoal reviews applications
  • OneGoal works with ISBE to select districts
  • Selected districts are notified
  • Pre-launch meetings are scheduled

Partnership Launch

  • Pre-launch meetings are held with each district
  • Districts identify participating school leadership teams
  • Districts assess their capacity to participate
  • District-level MoUs are signed including data-sharing agreement

Series Launch

  • Districts receive invitations to their GuidED Insight accounts
  • Monthly coaching sessions begin
  • Initial rubric training with key district and community stakeholders is scheduled
  • First postsecondary school improvement collaborative session is held
  • District level goal-setting conversations

Webinar Recording


Watch to learn how districts can build the capacity of staff and leadership teams in the postsecondary space:

  • Overview the Postsecondary Leadership Series
  • Learn what you can expect as a partner
  • Walk through the process of applying


  • Alexa Charsha, Lead Counselor, Elgin U-46
  • Patty Diaz-Andrade, Chief Impact Officer
  • Jennifer Kirmes, ED of Teaching and Learning, ISBE
  • Andrew Schmitz, Managing Dir. of Secondary Partnerships

Our Services

Postsecondary success is a system-level challenge. These three elements, as part of our Postsecondary Leadership Series, improve system conditions so all students can have an equitable opportunity to achieve their ambitions.


Evaluate your district against our Postsecondary Readiness Rubric Assessment

  • Assess your current state with help from a OneGoal facilitator
  • Identify key strengths + growth areas
  • Discover resources that match your needs
  • Monitor progress
  • Format: 2-3 sessions per year available for districts


Build capacity through interactive group learning alongside a cohort of school leadership teams through our Postsecondary School Improvement Collaborative

  • Gain knowledge and skills on a range of key topics with support from a OneGoal facilitator
  • Build a cross-district community of practice
  • Use data and insights to fuel continuous improvement
  • Format: 6 sessions per year on a 3-year cycle with 4-5 school teams per cohort


Turn your team’s unique capacity into impact through our Postsecondary Improvement Leadership Coaching

  • Hands-on, customized support from a OneGoal coach
  • Diagnostics to define key priorities and challenges
  • Support with stakeholder engagement, strategic planning and coherence mapping
  • Format: Monthly sessions with small groups of leaders in your district

Continued Partnership

We expect that schools and districts will sustain postsecondary practice improvements after the completion of our Postsecondary Leadership Series. For those who wish to continue building their capacity, we offer the option for expanded partnership through our Classroom-Based Model.

To implement our in-class model, we partner with districts to set postsecondary enrollment and completion goals that ensure OneGoal’s course is integrated into every school’s master schedule. Then, utilizing a “train the trainer” approach we build the capacity of district-level Site Directors who support each school’s OneGoal teacher, and we share our online curriculum with personalized learning technology. As a result, students across a district can access OneGoal, earn credit toward graduation, and leave high school prepared for their chosen postsecondary pathway.

Let's Connect

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A Message From Our CEO

“We are so excited for what this partnership means for students across Illinois, Postsecondary success is a system-level challenge. With the right skills, knowledge, and support, leaders across the state can improve the quality and quantity of support students receive so all students in Illinois have an equitable opportunity to achieve their long-term career ambitions.”

Melissa Connelly
OneGoal CEO