Year One:

Junior Year of High School

Program Directors work with a group of high school juniors in a credit-bearing class every day during regular school hours.

Goal One

Develop the skills that will help Fellows increase their GPA and college entrance exam scores, which in turn increases acceptance rates into more selective post-secondary schools.

Goal Two

Identify seven best-fit colleges.

Goal Three

Begin to develop the non-cognitive skills and mindsets needed to graduate from college.

Goal Four

Understand and put into practice OneGoal’s Leadership Principles: Ambition, Resourcefulness, Resilience, Professionalism, and Integrity.

Year One Lessons Include

  • Online ACT/SAT prep
  • How to improve GPA
  • Research best-fit colleges
  • Career and major exploration
  • Goal setting and action planning
  • Personal statements: The power of storytelling
  • High school road blocks
  • Summer opportunity search