Program Directors continue to support the same cohort of Fellows remotely through their first day of sophomore year of college. They focus on intensive one-on-one coaching, providing support and direction to ensure Fellows are applying the skills and mindsets they developed in the first two years to overcome barriers and succeed in college.


Goal One

Accomplish academic, financial, and social Steps to Success.


Goal Two

Enroll in the first day of sophomore year with the mastery of the skills, mindsets, and experience that will lead to college graduation.


There are many building blocks during the first year of college that give Fellows the scaffolding they need to establish a foundation that will sustain them through their college experience, including:

  • Meeting with an advisor
  • Accessing academic supports
  • Registering for classes
  • Attending the OneGoal Winter Break Gathering
  • Filing FAFSA
  • Student account balance check
  • Developing study plans
  • Connecting with on-campus supports

“I think Year 3 is what sets OneGoal apart from other programs. It is incredibly important to be able to work with students when they are in college and they are homesick, lonely, or struggling. Every kid deserves to have somebody behind them who believes in them. They deserve to feel that there was somebody who cheered them on even when they made mistakes or failed. I want to be that person for my Fellows.”


Shilpa Sarang
Program Director, OneGoal – Houston
English II Teacher and English Language Arts Team Lead
Northside High School