Year Three:

First Year of Postsecondary Pathway

Program Directors continue to support the same cohort of Fellows remotely for one full year following their high school graduation. Additionally, Fellows are connected to on-campus supports and empowered to lean on the non-cognitive skills, such as growth mindset and self-efficacy, developed in high school to drive their success. Throughout the year, they will be guided to:

Attend orientation, leverage OneGoal summer supports and start classes in college or other postsecondary institution

Keep in touch with their Program Directors, discussing action planning, on-campus relations + mental health

Meet with a school advisor to review academic and financial plan

Renew financial aid application + register for next year’s courses

The Year Three Experience

What Comes Next:

Becoming An Alumni

OneGoal Fellows become alumni of the program after completing their first year of postsecondary. While they have completed their time as a Fellow, we know their postsecondary journey, career goals and life aspirations are, in some ways, just beginning. We work tirelessly to ensure that our alumni have the tools they need within themselves and resourcefulness to seek out additional support to reach their evolving and growing goals and aspirations throughout their educational pursuits and beyond.