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OneGoal’s classroom model focuses on three pivotal years, beginning students’ junior year of high school through the first year of college or other postsecondary path. We provide the training, curriculum and online learning platform to help students explore their options, enroll in their chosen postsecondary paths and persist through roadblocks so they can graduate and build fulfilling careers. This ISBE + OneGoal Classroom Model webinar explores:

  • How the classroom model can support your students’ diverse postsecondary aspirations.
  • The main components of the curriculum
  • How we use real-time student data and dashboards on student progress to tailor our approach.

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Webinar Presenters

Patty Diaz-Andrade, Ph.D.

Chief Impact Officer, OneGoal

Patty is a first-generation high school and college graduate who joined OneGoal as the founding Executive Director of OneGoal, Massachusetts. In that role, Patty launched the OneGoal program across seven Massachusetts school districts (enrolling 700+ students in the program), secured over $4M during the region’s critical start-up years, and built a highly talented team focused on student post-secondary success. Today, Patty leads OneGoal’s effort to aggressively accelerate the organization’s reach across the country. As Chief Impact Officer, Patty’s primary responsibilities include redesigning how OneGoal delivers its program to achieve impact at scale, while also charting the organization’s path to sustainability. Patty holds a MA in Quantitative Methods in the Social Sciences from Columbia University and a PhD in Educational Leadership from the Steinhardt Graduate School of Education at New York University.

Kirat Doshi

Managing Director of Program Design + Data Strategy

Kirat has over 15 years of experience in strategy, data analytics, and program design. Kirat oversees the OneGoal-District Partnership Program design and data strategy team, managing our learning design and data teams. Kirat emphasizes a user-centered design philosophy focusing on serving the highest priority needs of our students, teachers, and leaders. Before this role, Kirat worked with our National Program Team as the Managing Director of Analytics. Kirat graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a BS in Engineering and has an MBA from the University of Chicago.

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