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As postsecondary enrollment rates continue to drop across the country, systems leaders are grappling with how to equitably support students and increase college and career readiness in their communities. The compounding financial, academic, and social barriers that many of their students confront in today’s evolving economy requires us to think differently about what postsecondary planning should look like in our schools and across our districts.

Building on the success we’ve had working with students, educators and system leaders for nearly 15 years, OneGoal created a professional learning network developed specifically for school and district leaders where you’ll be able to collaborate with peers and receive one-on-one coaching from experts who have been in your shoes.

We collaborate to identify and offer equitable, flexible, and data-driven leadership coaching customized to your district’s context. Together, we create an actionable plan aimed at bringing your vision of increased postsecondary opportunities for students to life.

Systems-Level Change

Our Postsecondary Leadership Network comprises three elements that connect districts with the continuous partnership, community and tools to execute successful district-level plans.


Assess your districts’ areas of strength and growth across seven key postsecondary readiness domains.

  • Conduct a needs assessment using our postsecondary readiness rubric
  • Access postsecondary success exemplars and artifacts from other partner districts
  • Map your postsecondary stakeholders and conduct a landscape analysis


Assemble a cohort of school leadership teams to support alignment and strategic improvement through interactive group learning

  • Participate in cross-district communities of practice and engage in collaborative problem solving
  • Review data analytics to synthesize key postsecondary data trends and assess progress to goal
  • Discuss shared implementation successes and challenges with peers


Advance postsecondary success through tailored coaching that meets team and district needs.

  • Engage with a OneGoal Postsecondary Leadership Coach (an expert in the field) to support your district’s work
  • Create a customized coaching plan to ensure team needs are met
  • Receive implementation support, technical assistance, and tools for ongoing progress monitoring

Our Approach to Leadership Coaching


We prioritize solutions that ensure students, regardless of demographics, are able to realize their postsecondary aspirations, whether pursuing a college degree, trade program, or other postsecondary pathway.


We listen to leaders to build trust and align with their strategic priorities, allowing us to focus our approach and address each school and district’s diverse needs towards postsecondary planning and solutions.


We build and implement strong data collection systems that lead to insights and inform tailored strategies specific to your district.


We aim for our work to feel locked in step with your existing systems, establishing strategies that create long-lasting positive impact while honoring your team’s capacity and workload.

Our Coaching Team

While your district works directly with a single OneGoal coach, you’re accessing a deep network of diverse leadership and expertise. Our coaching team’s strategic insights are fueled from extensive hands-on experience as former school and district leaders.

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