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Words of Wisdom for the Class of ’22

OneGoal Alumna Huda Ganatra “OneGoal helped me understand that we cannot and should not be expected to make this journey alone. You are as valuable to your school, your employer, and your program as they are to you, and making the most of that partnership is how we all succeed together.”

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OneGoal Reach + Impact and How We Are Changing Lives

Potential and talent are equally distributed, but opportunity is not. To achieve greater levels of economic and social equity, we must ensure all young people in our country transition to adulthood with the skills, experiences, and credentials needed to build careers and lives of their choosing.

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OneGoal Impact on Students’ Postsecondary Outcomes

UChicago Inclusive Economy Lab conducted a rigorous and independent evaluation of our program’s impact on students’ postsecondary outcomes and found evidence that OneGoal has a positive and statistically significant effect on postsecondary enrollment, persistence, and graduation.

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