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Homegrown in Chicago

In 2006, one year before OneGoal was founded, 6% of Chicago Public Schools ninth graders were projected to complete college. While that number has risen to 19%, we know far too many young people who aspire to complete college are still being pushed out of education somewhere between high school and college graduation.

Scaling Up

We’re working to bring our in-school, teacher led model to students in every Chicago neighborhood by adding new high school partners and growing the number of students we serve in our current partners. We will not rest until all of our city’s students have an equitable opportunity to pursue their chosen postsecondary path.

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Dreaming Big

OneGoal alumnus, Caleb Navarro, and his Program Director, Andrew Stricker, reflect on all that it took for Caleb to find his dream career and how his college experience is helping him reach it. Caleb is an alumnus of Dominican University in River Forest, IL, and is pursuing his graduation education in pharmacology with a focus on cancer research.

Meet Priya

“I grew up in a fiercely divided community, splintered across racial lines. I do this work to ensure students in communities like mine have access to an equal and excellent education in order to achieve dreams they didn’t know they could dream.”

Priya Linson
OneGoal – Chicago Interim Executive Director

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