Every Student Deserves the

Opportunity to Earn a Degree

College Material? Absolutely.

OneGoal Fellows are proving that a postsecondary degree isn’t a privilege reserved for the few. They are redefining what it means to be “college material.”

We look at the whole student, not just current academic achievements or income bracket, because we’ve seen that all students have the power to succeed in their chosen postsecondary pathway. OneGoal prioritizes students typically overlooked by other interventions to help them tap into their unlimited potential, drive and passion.

Fellows at a Glance




Eligible for Free/Reduced Lunch

96% of Fellows Identify as People of Color

  • 44% Latino
  • 33% African American
  • 12% Multiracial
  • 3.7% White
  • 1.9% Asian, Asian American or South Asian
  • 1.3% Other
  • 0.7% American-Indian

Our Fellows' Voice


Reaching My Potential

“I think OneGoal helped instill that ‘hey, listen, education is important,’ especially for someone like me who had so much potential to do so many things. It felt like it would have been a waste almost if I didn’t take that opportunity to go to college.”

Caleb Navarro
Alumni, OneGoal – Chicago
Dominican University, class of 2018

Leaning Into Leadership

“Who would have thought three years ago that me – a non-English speaking Iraqi immigrant would be leading research at a university at the age of 19! If you had told me this back then, I would have thought you were crazy.”

Mays Al-Maliki
Fellow, OneGoal – Houston
University of Houston – Downtown

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Realizing Your Dreams

“I was one of the first Fellows in our class to get a college acceptance letter. I remembered my Program Director writing it on the board and shouting out my acceptance to the rest of the class. It made me feel like I was ahead of the game.”

Jonathan Jackson
Fellow, OneGoal – New York
Farmingdale State College

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Rewriting My Narrative

“OneGoal has given me a better understanding of how I can get to where I want to go. It’s not all black and white. It’s not, ‘You can’t go there because your grades are low.” I can be more than what I thought.”

Celinette Valentin
Fellow, OneGoal – Massachusetts
Lawrence High School

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Redefining Success

“One of the leadership principles I learned in OneGoal is resilience, and teaching myself to not view myself as a failure for needing more than four years to graduate college is the best example of it that I can imagine.”

Trevon Slaughter
Alumni, OneGoal – Chicago
North Park University

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