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You want success and choices, for yourself and your community. Earning a degree or equivalent credential is the first step to get you there, but choosing between college, trade programs and other unique options can feel overwhelming. This is where OneGoal steps in.

When you take the OneGoal class, you’re gaining planning resources for life after high school, a dedicated teacher supporting you, and a cohort of classmates cheering you on and helping troubleshoot any obstacle that dares to get in your way.

How OneGoal Works


You join a cohort of approximately 25-30 Fellows and begin taking a credit-bearing OneGoal class in person, remotely, or in a hybrid model depending on your school’s structure. In class you explore your personal identity and professional aspirations, research career and postsecondary pathways aligned with your goals, and build on academic skills to bolster your GPA and SAT/ACT scores.


You continue to work with the same OneGoal teacher and cohort from your junior year. You receive direct support in completing applications to college and other postsecondary programs, weighing your options based on your professional aspirations, personal values, and financial aid support, and enrolling in your chosen postsecondary path.

After High School Graduation

Your OneGoal teacher continues to support you remotely for one full year. You’re connected with resources to complete your program’s enrollment process, as well as build action plans to successfully navigate your courses, on-campus relations, financial aid, mental health, and other obstacles that may arise throughout the year.

What OneGoal Alumni Say

Steps to Become a Fellow

Get the Info

The first step to being a Fellow is seeing if OneGoal is in your school.  OneGoal supports students in the Bay Area, Chicago, Houston, Massachusetts, Metro Atlanta and New York. If your school is listed as a partner, reach out to the OneGoal teacher, attend an info session, or meet with a current OneGoal Fellow to learn more about the program.

Connect with OneGoal at Your School

Attend an info session or reach out to your guidance counselor or your school’s OneGoal teacher to see if the OneGoal class is a good fit for you.

Hear the News

Your school’s OneGoal teacher will announce via email students selected to join the more than 13,500 students served nationwide!

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