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You want success and choices, for yourself and your community. A college degree is the first step to get you there. Getting to college and earning your degree can seem overwhelming. But OneGoal knows all students, not just those with the best grades or the most resources, have the ability to earn their degree and realize their college dreams. Learn about our Fellows →

With OneGoal, you’re not alone. Together, we can go further.

How OneGoal Works

In your junior year, you join a cohort of about 25 OneGoal Fellows and meet as a class every day with your OneGoal Program Director (a teacher at your school). Together, you work to develop the habits and skills to increase your GPA and ACT/SAT scores to get into colleges and universities and to research and identify schools that are a good fit for you.

Junior Year

In your senior year, you continue to work with the same Program Director and cohort from your junior year. You’ll receive direct support in applying to at least seven colleges or similar postsecondary programs and applying for financial aid. Together, you’ll support one another as you learn how to identify, prepare for, and overcome social, academic, and financial roadblocks you’ll face in college.

Senior Year

In your freshman year, the support in your third year is incredibly important. As you leave high school and start college or other postsecondary program, your Program Director will continue to support you through email, social media, and more. You’ll focus on specific steps important to persisting in college, like improving study skills, accessing on-campus supports, joining a club/organization, etc.

College Life

How to Become a Fellow

Get the Info

The first step to being a Fellow is seeing if OneGoal is in your school.  OneGoal supports students in the Bay Area, Chicago, Houston, Massachusetts, Metro Atlanta and New York. If your school is listed as a partner, reach out to the OneGoal teacher, attend an info session, or meet with a current OneGoal Fellow to learn more about the program.

Complete an Application

Fill out the online application during the info session, lunch, or after school.

Attend an Interview

Schedule an interview with a OneGoal teacher and share your story.

Hear the News

Your school’s OneGoal teacher will announce via email students selected to join the more than 14,700 students served nationwide!


If you’re looking for more information, email with your question. Make sure to include your location, and one of our regional representatives will be in touch.